Who is this Jesus bloke, and why is he relevant for me today?

It is a question that most of us deal with at some point in our lives, and if you are visiting this page for answers on life, perhaps you are asking this question too. A man who lived 2000 years ago, in a time that was very different to our own, can still make a difference today.

For many years, the Christian community as a whole has been bogged down with ritual and rules, and has been seen as the moral backbone of western society. This has meant that sometimes important issues have been denied or swept under the carpet and have not always been dealt with, or in the best way possible. We have witnessed recently the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which has investigated abuse within many denominations of the church and church-led institutions and organisations. We can only hide behind smiles and justification of those who have gone before us for so long. Jesus taught that we are to love each other, which means caring and advocating for those around us who have no voice or who are marginalised within our communities.

Today, we live in a society that is well aware of the injustices in the world and sometimes we feel powerless in causing any lasting change, or overwhelmed at how enormous the task of bringing about change seems. We have two options here – we can sit back feeling crippled by our powerlessness, or we can join with others in speaking up for those who need our voice. As we have seen in recent events with the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, people are taking action to make their voice heard however they can. This is not always in a constructive way. So how does Jesus come into all of this and why even bring Jesus into the equation? Well, I guess if we look at who Jesus was as a man….he sat and listened to those who needed to be heard, he saw those who needed to be seen. He didn’t shy away from people because they had a different way of seeing life than he did. Jesus befriended the ones who society shunned and welcomed them into his space. He didn’t tell them to come back when they’d had a shower or were wearing the right clothes. No, he accepted everyone for who they were. He saw beyond what others or the world sees. This is the type of person we need today, a person we can strive to be like – a person who listens to the lonely and welcomes the stranger without judgement.

So for me, this bloke called Jesus is a great example of who and how we can be. We don’t need to be grumpy and bitter when things don’t go our way, or when the world feels like it is falling in around our ears. Yes, we can feel those things – it’s only natural – but they don’t have to define our lives or experience of life. If you’d like to know or learn more about this bloke, why not think about joining us at one of our services or meals on a Sunday or Wednesday. Or alternatively, you can send us an email.


The plight of asylum seekers being held by Australia is shameful. If you care about them, please speak up. Here is one way to do so:Amnesty International’s Petition


We all have questions, which nag us in the middle of the night, questions which spin around in our mind and consume us. It is easy to get black and white answers to many questions but what if there is more to it than that? Not all answers are so black and white and most need more exploration.

If this sounds interesting to you, why not come along to The Open Table?Commencing at 5pm on the fourth Sunday of each month, this is an exploration into how we can look at the hard questions and topics which are often not spoken about in the church.

How do we live in a world that is in constant transition and turmoil?

How do we look at the worldwide issues without being overwhelmed?

How do we love those around us authentically?

Carrying on from the last couple of years, we will be having a community meal every month in a setting where everyone is welcome and safe. We offer a more progressive way of looking at our own spirituality and how we can live authentically in today’s society.

Are you ready to take the plunge and explore the world around you through the eyes of a loving God? I dare you!

Spiritual Direction

Spirituality is about connectedness and meaning - it affects us all, whether we attend a church or not. There are times in our lives when we need to tell somebody else about how things are for us, somebody who is truly present and listening deeply, and maybe asking us to notice something we have missed. Spiritual Direction is about being heard, and not about being told what to do!Find out more...

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Parkdale Church of Christ is a small church made up of people of many different sorts, but united in that we have all responded to Jesus’ call in our own way, are learning more from him, and what this means for us in the midst of everyday life. Some of us are traditional, some are contemplative, some are charismatic, some are conservative, some are progressive, some are activists, some prefer reflection - and none of us is perfect, and we live in a world that is not perfect, but nevertheless good. Together, so far as we are able, we hold God and our neighbours in our hearts. Learn more...

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