It’s not rocket science!

Some people think science has debunked faith. There are certainly some aspects of religon that have been held in the past to be true, but which are clearly not. However, this is also true of science -Newton’s Laws turned out to be not quite right. Science has developed over time, and so can religion. We would say that there is much more to life than simply knowing how thing work.

Faith has to do with how we live - what value we place on community and respect for each other, and how we relate to the world around us. Do we live solely for ourselves, or do we show compassion for others perhaps less fortunate? Christians follow Jesus in saying that there is more to life than just looking out for ourselves.

Faith finds hope in all sorts of unexpected places, and encourages compassion for others. It offers a bigger, brighter outlook on life. It changes people. It’s not rocket science!

About Parkdale Church of Christ

Parkdale Church of Christ is a small church made up of people of many different sorts, but united in that we have all responded to Jesus’ call in our own way, are learning more from him, and what this means for us in the midst of everyday life. Some of us are traditional, some are contemplative, some are charismatic, some are conservative, some are progressive, some are activists, some prefer reflection - and none of us is perfect, and we live in a world that is not perfect, but nevertheless good. Together, so far as we are able, we hold God and our neighbours in our hearts. Learn more...

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