Summer holidays offer many people the chance to rest, to be refreshed, to explore new places and revisit old favourites. This can be a time of review as well - of our lives, of our faith, of meaning and purpose in life. Maybe it is time to leave some things behind and move on; maybe it is time to accept that some hoped-for things will never come to pass.

As the seasons go by, our world changes - but deep down we need stability as well, so that we are not swayed entirely by today’s fads and fashions. Where are our roots? What reallymatters? These are, inthe end, matters we can only work out for ourselves; but it is helpful to talk about them with others who will listen and not dismiss them.

We gather weekly to do this in the light of Jesus’ teaching - and you would be welcome among us, if you would like to help.

Spiritual Direction

Spirituality is about connectedness and meaning - it affects us all, whether we attend a church or not. There are times in our lives when we need to tell somebody else about how things are for us, somebody who is truly present and listening deeply, and maybe able to ask us to notice something we have missed. Spiritual Direction is about being heard, and not about being told what to do!Find out more...

About Parkdale Church of Christ

Parkdale Church of Christ is a small church made up of people of many different sorts, but united in that we have all responded to Jesus’ call in our own way, are learning more from him, and what this means for us in the midst of everyday life. Some of us are traditional, some are contemplative, some are charismatic, some are conservative, some are progressive, some are activists, some prefer reflection - and none of us is perfect, and we live in a world that is not perfect, but nevertheless good. Together, so far as we are able, we hold God and our neighbours in our hearts. Learn more...

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