Are you asking the right question?

What use is church? Popular opinion has it that churches are out of date, and that religion has nothing to offer today. At the same time, we are in the midst of a wave of loneliness and hopelessness - but these are exactly the sort of thing churches can help with!

Doing things as simple as eating and talking together builds friendships. Friendships help when it all gets too much. Finding help brings hope where there was none. Hope makes all the difference when the alternative is despair.

Faith finds hope in all sorts of unexpected places, and encourages compassion for others. It offers a bigger, brighter outlook on life. It changes people. Dare you ask a different question?

Spiritual Direction

Spirituality is about connectedness and meaning - it affects us all, whether we attend a church or not. There are times in our lives when we need to tell somebody else about how things are for us, somebody who is truly present and listening deeply, and maybe able to ask us to notice something we have missed. Spiritual Direction is about being heard, and not about being told what to do!Find out more...

About Parkdale Church of Christ

Parkdale Church of Christ is a small church made up of people of many different sorts, but united in that we have all responded to Jesus’ call in our own way, are learning more from him, and what this means for us in the midst of everyday life. Some of us are traditional, some are contemplative, some are charismatic, some are conservative, some are progressive, some are activists, some prefer reflection - and none of us is perfect, and we live in a world that is not perfect, but nevertheless good. Together, so far as we are able, we hold God and our neighbours in our hearts. Learn more...

Parkdale Church of Christ 2012-18 —A community of faith, hope and compassion.